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I’m an SEO web content writer and content marketing specialist with 25 years’ experience and will provide you with a full website content marketing campaign service. I’ve built over 300 websites for different clients and written the content for all of them. I’ve also SEO optimised all of them – each individual page of each website – so that they ranked very highly in the search engine rankings, many of them achieving the coveted #1 position for their main keyword search term.

Now I can do the same for YOUR website.

Here’s how I will conduct the content marketing campaign and SEO campaign for your website:

First, I’ll conduct intensive keyword research to find out which are the main keywords and the secondary ‘long-tail’ keyword search terms related to your website’s own sector, niche or sub-niche. These are search terms which it is known people are searching for and which should ALL feature in your own website.

We’re playing for keeps here with our website content and SEO campaign, and there’s no reason why your site should not occupy the #1 position for all or almost all of these search terms.

Then I will build the content of your site (or if content already exists, I’ll add to it, or enhance it to make it much better than it already is). I’ll create a page for each keyword search term and write the content for it, adhering to best practice SEO processes for on-page optimisation which will help make the page capable of reaching the top of the search engine results for that specific search term.


On-Page and Off-Page Website Content and SEO Campaign

After your website’s content is complete, my content marketing campaign will then extend into the various and diverse off-page disciplines of SEO. This will:

  • Get these pages indexed by the major search engines fast, and

  • Get the majority of these pages to the top of the search results for their own keywords

There are various ways to go about this.

Depending on the nature or subject matter of your site, these methods include social media marketing. So, if this is applicable, I’ll set up a number of social network accounts. These may include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc., depending on the nature of your website, whether it is aimed at consumer (B2C) or at businesses (B2B), aimed towards particular age groups or specific demographics, and so on. The spread and profile of your site’s social media accounts will ultimately reflect the demographics of your target audience, and each website will have its own unique target audience demographic profile.

I'll then use the various accepted ‘white hat’ methods to get backlinks from top quality and authority websites to your own website, so that its rankings are boosted by these links in the accepted way. These are ethical and completely valid, long-lasting ways to get backlinks which are built to endure, for the long term. I don’t bother with fads which may be today’s “gangbusters” tricks but which I know full well will not work in six months’ time and may possibly result in a penalty for the site. I’ve never bothered with that kind of nonsense and I never will.

There are lots of perfectly sensible ways of getting good quality backlinks from high DA (domain authority) sites. Some of these are quite well known, others not so much. But they’re all known to work reasonably well.

Getting good backlinks is not a quick fix, and it certainly isn’t an easy task. But it’s best done by a professional who knows how to do it properly.

Some of the better-known methods include:

  • Infographics;
  • Press releases;
  • Web 2.0 site content;
  • Wikipedia entries;
  • Resource backlinks;
  • Video (from Youtube and about 4 other good quality video sharing sites) - videos are doubly useful: when embedded on our pages they increase user engagement and therefore rankings;
  • Certain document sharing sites;
  • Podcast sites;
  • Link Gap analysis (sites are linking to competitor sites but not to yours);
  • The "Skyscraper" Technique;
  • The "HARO (Help A Journalist)" Technique;
  • "Roundup" posts;
  • Repurposing content across different media;
  • Guest posting (but not paid-for and only on very relevant sites);


Some people argue that Wikipedia entries and press releases are of little use in SEO as the backlinks from Wikipedia are all "nofollow" and those of press releases are almost all nofollow as well. The argument for using these media are the sheer number of visitors that would be lost if these resources were not used. The predictable high ranking of Wikipedia in the search results mean that such entries may earn your site a huge number of visitors on a regular basis, so who's arguing that you shouldn't use this just because the links are nofollow? Also, the way I do press releases and their distribution means that at least one Google News accredited website is involved, meaning extra coverage in Google itself.

I’ll also use my own (exclusively ‘white hat’) link-building off-page SEO methods which I’ve been using over the years and which I know continue to work for my own sites and for other client websites. Due to the nature of this industry, these particular SEO methods must remain known only to myself; if these were widely known then my competitors, and my clients’ competitors, would be able to steal a march and make inroads on my own and my clients’ website rankings.

And we mustn’t let that happen!

Methods which are now considered unethical or which have not worked for years (although I still get asked about them) include, but are not limited to, irrelevant forum profile links, irrelevant forum sig links, mass RSS feed creation and submission to aggregators, Google 301 redirect pages, article directories and unrelated mass directory listings. All of them are a waste of time.

Paid links are also a very bad idea. Google’s Matt Cutts has made this clear on several occasions but people still do it (I won’t).

The result of this SEO-based content marketing campaign will be success for your website and should also be a massive increase in revenue for you.


Content Marketing Campaign in More Detail

My experience as a writer, SEO and content marketer for over 20 years will enable me to write content for your website or blog which will rank your pages higher than your competitors, and this is at the heart of any content marketing campaign service that I undertake for a client..

Every sector is different, and every website has different needs in order to fulfill its potential and take its place among its peers, bettering its competitors. My many years’ experience in SEO and content marketing enables me to thoroughly research any subject, industry or niche and produce beautifully written SEO optimised content which will rank very high in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

While nobody can – or should - guarantee 1st position rankings, there are certain tried and tested methods which, when carried out properly and with outstanding content, will be able to place the pages for your website or blog in the top part of the 1st page listings.


Each content marketing campaign has three parts, based on hard data:

1. Keyword research, both for search volume and competition;

2. The compiling of a list of search terms which your website can excel in competitively, or even dominate completely;

3. The careful Writing of long-form content which excels, quality writing which is stunning, appealing, compelling, which your web visitors will love and which will establish your site as an authority in its sector. The search engines will love it as well, and reward this top quality, informative content with high rankings in the results listings.


I will identify search terms used by people who are looking for the type of subject that your website is about, as well as known search terms, and I will consequently write content which will be rated very highly by Google and the major search engines and which people will be able to visit easily because it features highly in the search result listings.

I’ll be able to identify keyword search terms using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and produce a large number of search terms for your website; I will then write content for these search terms so that your site is consistently rewarded with new visitors as these people find your site by seeing this content featuring high up in the search engine results listings.

The number of people who consequently visit your website will continually rise as a direct result of this approach, so that eventually I will write articles covering all the relevant search terms which people will use.

I keep myself informed of the latest patterns and trends in SEO and in particular with the various little tweaks that we now see Google make to its search algorithm in terms of the way it treats websites, what it uses to assess relevance and authority, and consequently their ranking. My clients therefore always have this advantage over their competitors.

I encourage potential clients to have a look through my portfolio to see the diversity of subject matter which I’ve written about in the past. I always immerse myself in a subject before writing about it so that I’m acquainted with it in a way which comes across with a friendly authority, and which your website visitors will appreciate.


My Content Marketing Campaign Service for Your Website: Your Decision

You’ll be assured of the highest standards of writing from a published, native English speaker with a Masters degree in modern literature combined with 24 years practical and tested SEO experience.

My specialities are:

Researching the subject matter thoroughly and comprehensively. I will also research the known keyword search terms which people regularly use which are related to your website’s subject matter and focus.

Writing beautifully engaging content which will rank very highly in the search engines’ results listings, and which will therefore lead more people to visit your website. Research has shown that long-form content ranks best, with articles of around 2,000 words ranking higher than shorter articles. Therefore the content I tend to write is longer than the average, and will rank much better than the average. No short blog posts from me!

Providing off-page SEO in the form of high quality backlinks from relevant and authority websites to point at these content pages on your own website, thereby increasing the chances of gaining a #1 spot in the search engine listings.

My objective in any project is to try to get #1 positions for all keyword search terms for my clients! I know this is possible because I’ve achieved this so often. My techniques are all “white hat” (i.e. honest and legal) and will not earn any penalties from Google. Far from it!

Having a website at the top of the search engine rankings is literally the digital equivalent of having your shop in the best part of every High Street in every town and city in the English-speaking world!

By the time the campaign is complete, your own site will have been transformed into an authority in its own sector and the kind of website that other site owners aspire to owning.

Are you going to be part of this success story?

If you would like to know more about how I could help you with a content marketing campaign devised especially for your own website, then contact me in complete confidence by writing to:

support .. [at] .. inteltab [dot] com

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